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Bee health supplements and bee feeding products

Look no further than VitaHive when it comes to buying Bee supplements that can provide the very best nutrition for your bees.

VitaHive is a new range of scientifically researched and formulated bee health and nutrition supplements to deliver stronger and healthier hives.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques produce highly palatable supplementary feeds for bees with a superior blend of selected ingredients to produce better brood, higher honey yields and improved pollination.

The outstanding new Vitahive range is proudly manufactured in New Zealand free of GMO, soy and animal product ingredients.

With VitaHive, you’re choosing the very best in bee supplements and nutrition.

Science Based Nutrition

VitaHive delivers a range of highly effective nutritional products that provide substantial health and productivity benefits to your hives. Strong hives will always thrive and as a bee keeper the benefits are easy to see. Increased brood, improved honey yields, better pollination, improved vitality and lower winter losses. At VitaHive we simply call this Science Based Nutrition.

Advanced Manufacturing

Power Feed Powder and Patties are made using advanced milling techniques that significantly reduce the particle size of our scientifically selected ingredients. When combined these smaller particles significantly improve digestion, bioavailability and uptake of the nutrients. The result? Better bee health, increased longevity and improved brood for improved pollination and higher honey yields.


Thank you for the sample of Brood Booster. I have used this product in 2 hives and have found it works well. Both hives improved within 2 weeks. After thinking i was going to lose these hives, it was with great pleasure to see them boost up so quickly. I would recommend Brood Booster to all beekeepers!

Puwera Honey

I was a little surprised when Ecrotek offered a trial of their new VitaHive range of products as I thought it was just another supplement on the market trying to cash in on high manuka prices. Despite this I was very pleased and surprised with the results of both Brood Booster and Power Feed pollen supplements. It’s also great to know these products are GMO free and made in New Zealand

Ethan Paulson
Atihau Whanganui Inc

Beneficial Spring and Autumn – gives them a good kick-off.

Steve Weenink