Mixing Guide

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Brood Booster™

  1. Shake bottle thoroughly to mix ingredients
  2. Add 10mls of Brood Booster per litre of light sugar syrup
  3. Mix thoroughly and feed promptly
During periods of pollen shortages dosing can be increased to 20mls per litre.
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Power Feed™


  1. Mix 1kg dry powder with 1L of heavy liquid sugar (67 brix) and 60-80mls of flax seed oil*
  2. Blend thoroughly
  3. Form into thin patties using wax paper
* For optimal nutrition flax seed oil is recommended, this can be substituted for vegetable oil if required.

Patties will firm up over time. For a softer patty, or if you won’t be feeding within 1-2 days, increase the sugar syrup volume by 25%.


Nothing to do here! Power Feed Patties are ready-to-go right out of the carton.