The VitaHive Story

Science Based Nutrition. A simple but powerful philosophy that drives our team to develop market leading bee nutrition.

VitaHive bee nutrition products are proudly researched and developed by Ecrotek, a New Zealand based business with over 100 years of experience and involvement in the beekeeping industry. It's this experience, matched with cutting edge research into bee nutrition and a passion for honeybee health that forms the cornerstone of the VitaHive range.

With the exponential growth and popularity of beekeeping there are now plenty of products on the market that make substantial claims about improving bee health and the quality of your hive. Unfortunately, many of these products are simply based on anecdotal information, unfounded theories and in some cases bad science.

When we developed VitaHive we wanted to develop a highly effective range of bee nutrition that was not only based on extensive scientific research but also had been comprehensively tested and trialled on hundreds of hives. At VitaHive we simply call this Science Based Nutrition.

VitaHive provides a range of highly effective nutritional products that provide substantial health and productivity benefits to your hives. Strong hives will always thrive and as a beekeeper the benefits are easy to see. Increased brood, improved honey yields, better pollination, improved vitality and lower winter losses.

Whether you’re a small hobbyist or large commercial beekeeping operation, VitaHive will help your hives thrive!